I Think I Found a Lump

With those six words, our life was about to take a detour from where we were going.  Earlier that day, Theresa had volunteered at Ryan's school for water play day.  They put her on the waterslide which she had to hang on to the sides to not fall down.

She came home tired and sore from all the bouncing.  While taking a shower, she felt something in the left breast.  That's when she came out to the living room and uttered those six words...I Think I Found a Lump.

She had an appointment with her primary care doctor later in the month and wondered if she should wait until then.  We decided that it would be best to not wait and get into the doctor.

They got her in to see the OB/GYN pretty quickly and he sent her for a scan.  That's when the lump was confirmed and they sent her over for a biopsy and the waiting game began.



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