I'm Not Sure What To Do With You

These were the words spoken by Dr. Viscusi when Theresa met with her.  The pathology report was still inconclusive due to the sample size and was still saying the lump was not breast cancer.  Due to this, Dr. Viscusi decided to remove the lump and margins around it, while not removing any lymph nodes that are normal in a lumpectomy.

This surgery took place while I was away.  My diaconate class was singing Vespers when I received a text message that the surgery went good and the doctor was confident she had good margins around the tumor.  This was sent off for further pathology and hopefully for a good understanding of what it was.  I flew back to Tucson on June 27th.  Theresa had a follow up appointment with Dr. Viscusi in early July and the pathology report was expected to be completed.  Again, the waiting game began.


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