MRI and Biopsy Results

On the morning of February 9th, Theresa went for an MRI.  They did this to review the chest and stomach area.  After the MRI, Dr. Viscusi called with results from the biopsy.

To everyone's surprise, the triple-negative cancer, first diagnosed in June 2015 has recurred.  Given the size of the tumor in the breast, I had to wonder if it ever went away.  This was a kick in the stomach.  One week prior, we met with a plastic surgeon thinking what was going on was fat necrosis.  Now, we were hearing those horrible words again.

To make matters worse, Dr. Viscusi called later that day with the results from the MRI.  The MRI showed an enlarging of the lymph nodes under the arm and in the center of the breast along with a few spots on the rib and sternum.  She suggested a PET scan take place as soon as possible and put the order in for it.

Ryan and I went off to do get haircuts, as well as some cold drinks.  As we were driving, I told him that his Mom's cancer was still there and that there was more treatments in her future.  He hung his head a bit and when I asked him if he was ok, he said, "Yes, I'm used to this with Nana and Mom".  What an incredible sadness came over me, hearing my 10 year old son saying he was used to cancer.  I hate it.

We met with Dr. Livingston who said that we need to get started with a new round of chemotherapy to shrink the tumor in the breast to allow for surgery.  He provided information on the drugs and advised that the course of treatment would be the same, regardless of whether or not there has been any spreading.  For this treatment, there would be 4-6 cycles of treatment.  On day 1 of the treatment cycle, there will be Cisplatin and Navelbine.  On day 8 of the treatment cycle, there will be Navelbine and on day 9, a shot of Neulasta.  After this comes a 1 week rest period and it begins again.  This was to start on February 18.


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