Pet Scan Results

As we waited for the results of the PET scan, looking over the CT and MRI results, we both feared a metastatic diagnosis.  The one beacon of hope was the conflicting results from CT and MRI.  The call finally came on Friday, February 19.

I was busy with an incident at work when Theresa called and texted me to call her.  I didn't get the message until sometime later, so she sent me the email containing the results along with these words:

Tried to text and call.  It metastasized...liver, sternum, spine and under RIGHT arm too.  Doesn't change course of current treatment, but does give them more cause to get the Cisplatin approved.  Also, Viscusi said that if these drugs don't work, then a whole new set of drugs opened up as available to use because it has metastasized.

I opened the report, scanning through all the medical jargon to see a summary saying:

  1. Multiple FDG avid hepatic and osseous lesions consistent with distant metastatic disease.

  2. Large FDG avid, heterogeneous, necrotic left breast mass and FDG avid left axillary and subpectoral lymph nodes consistent with recurrent malignancy and nodal metastatic disease.  Adjacent chest wall involvement is also suspected.

How in the world do you wrap your head around this?  How did we get from good margins & no lymph node involvements, to metastatic disease while taking the prescribed therapy?

The rest of the day was a blur.


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