Round 2

The second half of the first cycle was on Thursday.  Due to the prior mixup with GEHA, this was going to be a Navelbine only cycle.  The pre-medicine took longer to get through than did the Navelbine.  It always makes me nervous when the nurse puts on gloves to administer the dose...just how toxic is this stuff?

Between the pre-meds and the warm blankets, it didn't take long for Theresa's eyes to grow heavy.  As they were preparing the dosage, the nurse brought out the Neulasta shot.  On the first round, they gave Neulasta the day after chemo and she had an appointment scheduled for Friday to receive this.  They sorted it all out and gave it to her on Thursday.

According to the billing statements, Banner UMC bills GEHA almost $25K for the Neulasta dosage, with GEHA authorizing $12K.  Since that dose has a street value equivalent to 27 ounces of platinum, I suggested we take it and run!

After the Navelbine went it, she had a similar reaction with the tumor area hurting.  And just as before, we chose to believe it was winning the fight.  Navelbine 2, IDC 0.



  1. Bless her heart.

  2. Theresa, it hurts my heart to see you this way. I pray this will take care of all the tumors and you can resume being the awesome wife and mom God made you. Patrick, stay strong enough for the three of you. If you ever need or want to talk, I'm at 623-910-0908. And since I'm only two hours away, you can come by if you want. 15859 W. Cocopah St., Goodyear, AZ


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