The Big Appointment

The morning first started with an appointment with reconstructive surgeon Dr. Larson.  The purpose of this appointment was to get his opinion on whether or not a reconstruction would be possible with all that was happening in the left breast.

Not one for bedside manner, he took a look and said that there appeared to be either lymphadema or inflammatory breast cancer going on.  This hit us like a sledgehammer.  How in the world could it be cancer again?  There was a successful removal of the tumor in June 2015; they had good margins; there was no evidence of further spread through the July surgery of the lymph nodes.  And for that matter, she had just finished 16 cycles of chemotherapy designed to kill it.

They quickly moved us up on the surgeon's schedule and she performed 7 biopsies on the left breast, both skin punch and core biopsies.  Like the time in June, we were back to waiting on the results.

Dr. Viscusi also scheduled an MRI to take place to see what was going on.


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