Confusion and Delay

SVYesterday, Theresa left home at 12:30PM to work in the parish finance office.  She called home around 5:00PM to let Mom know that she was going to be late.  At 7:30PM, I sent her a text asking if she was planning on coming home tonight?  She responded a few minutes later with a text that said "Seriously exhausted on 291".  My response was huh?

I figured she was on her way home on I-19 and that Siri had autocorrected the text from I19 to 291.  Around 8:00PM, Theresa called saying that she was lost and didn't know which way to go to get home.  She said I just passed a sign for Ft. Huachuca/Sierra Vista.  When she said that I realized that the 291 she mentioned was milepost 291.  I had her pull off the road and turn on the GPS with our home address.  I heard it in the background ding and say the estimated travel time was 1 hour.

She had gone 50 miles East of our home.  Having made the drive to Sierra Vista many times, I knew there was a truck stop just off the interstate.  I had her pull into there and wait for me to drive and pick her up.  There was no way I wanted her trying to drive home.  So, we put Ryan in the backseat and drove to the Loves truck stop.  When I got there, she seemed to be a bit dazed and confused.  We drove home and she went to bed.

At 4:00Am, her alarm went off which indicated it was medicine time.  She went into the bathroom to take the medicine.  Almost 50 minutes later, I noticed the light was still on and she was asleep in the bathroom.  I let her stay there, figuring at least she was sleeping.  When I got up at 6:30 to get ready for work, she was taking a shower.  I joked, so you decided to sleep on the toilet last night.  She didn't seem to know what I was talking about.

We have an appointment with the oncologist tomorrow and this will be something new to report on.


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