Home, yet going back

The doctors gave Theresa the OK to return home on Friday, March 11th.  They sent her home with new prescriptions and new ways to treat the wound she has.

While she was waiting on a room in the ER, she complained that the stretcher was causing her back to hurt.  This continued once she got up to her room.  It seemed like heat would help reduce the pain, but it still hurt pretty bad.

On Wednesday, March 16th, the pain was incredibly bad and even the Oxycodone was not doing much to mask it.

The next chemotherapy treatment and meeting with the Oncologist was on Thursday, March 17th.  The regular Oncologist was sick so we met with another doctor.  She ordered a lower back MRI to see what was causing the pain and that test was done that evening.

On Friday, Theresa got a call from the substitute oncologist who said that there were numerous lesions on the spine and hips and made a quick referral to a Radiation Oncologist.  That appointment took place Friday afternoon.



The Radiation Oncologist decided it was best to have Theresa go to the ER for a full spine MRI that will be used to create a map of where the radiation is directed.   The goal is to reduce/eliminate the lesions to reduce the pain they are causing.  More likely than not, this will require time in the hospital.  She wanted Theresa to go to the ER on Friday, but her Aunt/Uncle from Illinois were coming to visit over the weekend, so Theresa said no.  This is happening on Monday, March 21.







  1. I will keep her in my prayers

  2. I know this is an uphill battle with tons of pain, but it is so nice to see a couple of pictures with Theresa's beautiful smile...even if only temporary. I continue to pray for all of you during this time. Love you all!

  3. Still praying for ya, lady. Patrick, keep fighting.

  4. The Fenwick household is lifting you up daily.

  5. Hope you will enjoy the pashca.
    I will offer all my prayer Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday & my Divine Liturgy and communion for you. Keep the faith and know that you ate loved and needed at St. Melany.
    Love & prayers. Mary

  6. Theresa, I am in awe of your strength and you and your family are in my prayers daily!! Keep fighting the good fight, you got this!

  7. I don't do facebook, but Tim found Patrick's blogg. I have been keeping up with you on that. I'm so glad that he is doing that. It was good to see a picture of you. I loved the family picture and the one with Mike. We continue to pray daily for you, Patrick, Ryan, and Irene. Love you and keep up the fight.


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